> 95 %
reflectivity of the solar radiation
> 95 %
emissivity of mid-infrared energy radiation


The atmospheric components of the Earth allow mid-infrared radiation to pass through.
The heat emitted l the iPaint can pass through the atmosphere and be absorbed the iPaint outer space.
Simply apply iPaint to theroof or exterior walls of buildings; the electricity-free cooling effect will be achieved without energy or refrigerant.

Saharan Silver Ant

The Saharan silver ant has developed a unique method for maintaining a cool body temperature. This is achieved through a combination of enhanced optical reflection and radiative heat dissipation. The surface hairs of the ant have a distinctive structure that permits sunlight to penetrate the top layer, internally reflect, and emit heat energy into space as infrared radiation. This process enables the ant to regulate its body temperature and survive in the scorching heat of the desert.


Inspired by the skin structure with the self-cooling function of the Saharan silver ant, i2Cool created a cooler that can reflect most of the solar heat while effectively emitting thermal energy as mid-infrared to the cold universe.

Scientific Research

After seven years of continuous experimentation and scientific research by the i2Cool team, we have finally solved the difficulties of high costs for developing and applying passive radiation cooling technology, difficulties in mass production and technical barriers to the construction process. The research results have been successfully transformed into a commercially available product for large-scale application - iPaint.


Fast cooling, Energy saving

iPaint works in the process of cooling an object by means of sunlight reflection and passive radiative cooling.
This process can keep the object's temperature below the ambient all day without energy or refrigerants.
Cooling of coated surfaces
30 %
Rreduction in energy consumption of air conditioning.
430 kWh
Savings in electricity annually
250 kg
Reduction in carbon emissions annually
*The Effect of the Non-electric Refrigeration Coating per Square Meter
iPaint is a mixture of polymers and nanoparticles guided by passive radiative cooling technology that easily covers the surface of objects. It is as easy and convenient to apply as ordinary architectural paint.
Spray Coating
Wide-ranging and Long-lasting
It is as commonly used as ordinary architectural paints in a wide range of scenarios and has an outstanding cooling performance that pays for itself quickly.

Solar PV Panels

iPaint Cooling Performance

1 month
Payback period
5 years
Optimal cooling
10 years
85% cooling effectiveness
Mechanical Tests


The technology fulfils all the requirements of RoHS tests and the REACH test, meeting the EU standards, and has acquired the HKCC Hong Kong eco-label.
Passed the RoHS, CMA/CNAS, and ASTM tests and not containing pure metal substances.
Compliant with GB 18582-2020 "Limit of Hazardous Substances in Wall Coatings for Buildings"
and GB/T 35602-2017 "Green Product Evaluation Coatings" standards,
as well as the "Air Pollution Control (Volatile Organic Compounds) Regulations".
Your Tailored iPaint