i2Cool News | i2Cool won the technology star in the 2023 Hong Kong-Hunan Innovation and Technology Night

i2Cool Limited

On 2nd March,i2Cool Limited was invited to attend the Hong Kong-Hunan Innovation and Technology Night & the second CityU HK Tech 300-Changsha Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition award ceremony. The company won the technology star and cooperated with Yuelu Scientific and Innovative Platform. i2Cool set up a booth to exhibit the electricity-free cooling technology.


Hong Kong-Hunan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is sponsored by Changsha and the City University of Hong Kong. It is a pivotal platform for carrying out scientific and technological innovation cooperation and promoting the transformation and implementation of scientific and technical achievements. This competition will further expand the collaboration between Hong Kong and Hunan. It will support the rapid growth and expansion of scientific research and innovation firms and the trinity development of scientific research, industry, and innovation cooperation at a deeper, higher, and broader level.

Novel technology exhibition

At the competition’s exhibition site, i2Cool showed its flagship product, iPaint, and demonstrated the passive radiation cooling technology it employs. The Saharan silver ant was the source of inspiration for this eco-friendly and energy-efficient technology. The paint can effectivelyadiate heat outward in a mid-infrared manner while reflecting up to 95% of the sun’s rays and radiation, providing great cooling benefits without using energy or refrigerants. This can lower the energy consumption and environmental burden of traditional AC systems while providing the public with a more environmentally friendly cooling solution. It supports the idea of reduced emissions, zero energy use, and green city buildings.




iPaint is the first commercial productindependently developed by i2Cool Limited with passive radiative cooling technology. In contrast to conventional air conditioning systems, it is a cooling coating applied to the exteriors of outdoor structures and equipment. Successfully lowering the surface temperature of facilities throughout the day reduces the electricity required by building cooling systems.

Passive radiative cooling technology

Using electricity-free cooling technology, also known as passive radiative cooling technology, created by i2Cool Limited, a surface may effectively release heat into space in the mid-infrared while reflecting most of the sunlight. Due to the high development and application costs and difficulties of large-scale production, this approach has yet to be widely commercialised.

The innovative electricity-free cooling technology has finally been converted into a product that can be used commercially on a big scale after arduous testing and research by the i2Cool team. i2Cool also overcame the technological obstacles posed by mass production and construction technology. It alsoaccomplished the cooling effect of keeping the surface below ambient temperature throughout the day without electricity or refrigerant.

Technical principle

The surface hairs of the ants have a particular structure that permits sunlight to continue refracting after it enters the top layer. It can keep its body temperature relatively low in the sweltering desert by radiating heat energy into space through infrared radiation.

The i2Cool team has combined the technology into a blend of polymers and nanoparticles after extensively researching the surface structure of this ant and utilising its mechanism of reflecting sunlight and passive radiation heat dissipation in its hair structure.

The i2Cool team has combined the technology into a blend of polymers and nanoparticles after extensively researching the surface structure of this ant and utilising its mechanism of reflecting sunlight and passive radiation heat dissipation in its hair structure.during the competition signing ceremony, which means i2Cool products will soon be applied in Changsha.This demonstrates the broad acceptance and popularity of electricity-free cooling technology in the market. This collaboration will also open up new avenues for its promotion and commercialisation, speed up i2Cool growth and development, and contribute more to the lofty goal of carbon neutrality.


Green development philosophy for low-carbon city construction

i2Cool Limited is a technology startup cultivated by the HK Tech 300 Entrepreneurship Programme of the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) Incubation Programme.It was co-founded by Dr Martin ZHU, his supervisor Dr Edwin Chi-Yan TSO from the School of Energy and Environment, CityU, and a group of young scientists.

i2Cool Ltd, a market leader in energy-saving technology, aims to establish a low-carbon lifestyle and a green cooling-down experience through electricity-free cooling technology. After seven years of extensive testing and refinement, iPaint has been released. This has converted pricey passive radiative cooling technology into items accessible to consumers. To get the electricity-free cooling effect, cover the coating on the roof or exterior; no additional energy or refrigerant is required. Each square metre of electricity-free cooling coating has the potential to save up to 430 kilowatts of power annually and eliminate 250 kilos of carbon emissions, which can significantly aid in energy conservation and environmental protection.

The objective of i2Cool Ltd is to develop eco-friendly and energy efficient Zero Carbon products to achieve dual carbon innovation development. We will maintain the leading technology in the sector through continuous independent technological innovation. i2Cool wishes to contribute strength to more cities’ energy saving and green development.