What is the lifespan of iPaint and iFilm? How should they be handled when they need to be refurbished?
iPaint: The mechanical lifespan of iPaint is generally more than 10 years, and it could be adjusted between 5 to 20 years based on the customer's requirements. Simply clean the surface and apply a new layer of the Top coat to restore the effect for refurbishing.The specific product warranty period is subject to the product manual. iFilm: The lifespan of iFilm varies depending on the usage scenarios. The iFilm used indoor can last between 10 to 15 years, while the iFilm used outdoor can last between 5 to 10 years.The specific product warranty period is subject to the product manual.
Does it has any special properties such as waterproofing, anti-corrosion or others?
It has certain properties such as waterproofing, anti-corrosion, oil resistance, and dust resistance. Also, it has other physical properties such as adhesion and impact resistance, that meets the basic needs of users.
Do iPaint and iFilm have electromagnetic shielding effects?
There is no electromagnetic shielding effect because the mixtures added to iPaint and iFilm contain components such as oxides and do not contain pure metal substances, which will not produce electromagnetic shielding effects.
What is the working principle of iPaint? Is it different from cooling and insulating paints on the market?
Inspired by the skin structure with self-cooling function of the Saharan desert ant, i2Cool created a cooler that can reflect most of the solar heat (>95% reflectivity) while effectively emitting thermal energy as mid-infrared (>95% emissivity) to the cold universe. Since the earth's atmosphere is transparent to the mid-infrared radiation, the heat emitted by the cooler can pass through the atmosphere and be absorbed by the cold universe. In contrast, cooling and insulating paints on the market mainly achieve a cooling effect by increasing solar reflectivity (lower than 80% generally) or adding hollow microspheres to reduce thermal conductivity. They are reflective insulation coatings or barrier insulation coatings with limited cooling and energy-saving effects.
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