I2Cool Empowers STEM+E Competition, Inspiring Student Innovation Thinking


In response to the urgent demand in various industries for "applicative talents" and "innovative talents" in the new era, cultivating young minds with scientific and technological innovation thinking has become an important focus of education today.

As a new force in the green technology and innovation field, i2Cool has always attached great importance to the inheritance and promotion of technological innovation. It actively assumes the role of social supplementary education and extensively participates in the cultivation of new-generation scientific and technological talents.


This environmentally friendly and energy-saving black technology, inspired by ants in the Sahara Desert, can reflect up to 95% of sunlight and radiation, while efficiently radiating heat in the mid-infrared range without the need for energy or refrigerants, achieving excellent cooling effects. Based on this characteristic, the i2Cool team has developed various commercially applicable products, including "Non-electric Refrigeration Coating," "Radiative Cooling Film," and "Non-electric Refrigeration Tiles," providing society with green and sustainable energy-saving cooling solutions.

"After using non-electric refrigeration (technology), the maximum temperature on building surfaces can decrease by up to 40℃, and indoor temperature can drop by five to six degrees, reducing the demand for air conditioning and achieving the goal of cooling while saving electricity. A space of 100 to 200 square feet is expected to save thousands of dollars in electricity bills every summer."

If applied in various building scenarios on campuses, it can not only reduce energy consumption but also improve the campus environment. More importantly, this application template can be used for long-term educational practical activities, subtly conveying the concept of green, low-carbon, and environmental protection, and inspiring students' scientific and technological innovation thinking.


As a technological leader in the green technology and innovation field, i2Cool is proud to provide sustainable energy-saving solutions for cities through non-electric refrigeration technology, continuously improving people's living conditions and protecting the environment. We are also well aware that achieving global carbon neutrality is a long and continuous journey that requires the continuous involvement of fresh blood.


In the future, i2Cool will always adhere to the development direction of "green, energy-saving, zero-carbon upgrade, and innovative development towards dual-carbon goals." We will continue to contribute to the cultivation of young scientific and technological talents, strengthen the talent pool of innovation and technology in Hong Kong, and inject new momentum into the industry! Let's work together to create a green response for "peak carbon emissions" and "carbon neutrality"!