Radiative Cooling Film (iFilm)

99.90 %
UV Shielding Rate
88.00 %
Infrared Shielding Rate
18-80 %
Visible Light Transmittance
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Start the era of Electricity-free Cooling

iFilm is a self-developed benchmark product of electricity-free cooling specially developed for glass surface by i2Cool. The material applies the principle of passive radiative cooling technology. Using outer space as the source of cooling, through efficient solar reflection and mid infrared heat emission, it effectively reduces the indoor temperature while ensuring the building's aesthetic and lighting viewing needs, achieving the effect of electricity-free cooling and saving air-conditioning energy consumption.

Electricity-free Cooling Technology inspired by Sahara

The Saharan silver ant has developed a unique method for maintaining a cool body temperature. This is achieved through a combination of enhanced optical reflection and radiative heat dissipation. The surface hairs of the ant have a distinctive structure that permits sunlight to penetrate the top layer, internally reflect, and emit heat energy into space as infrared radiation. This process enables the ant to regulate its body temperature and survive in the scorching heat of the desert.


Inspired by the skin structure with the self-cooling function of the Saharan silver ant, i2Cool invented passive radiative cooling technology that can reflect most of the solar heat while effectively emitting thermal energy as mid-infrared to the cold universe.

Scientific Research

After seven years of continuous experimentation and scientific research by the i2Cool team, we have finally solved the difficulties of high costs for developing and applying passive radiation cooling technology, difficulties in mass production and technical barriers to the construction process. The research results have been successfully transformed into a commercially available product for large-scale application - Radiative Cooling Film (iFilm)


Thermal insulation. Sun protection. Electricity and energy saving

iFilm is composed of a blend of organic polymer and inorganic functional components that work together to reflect a large portion of the sun's rays. When applied to architectural glass materials, such as glass curtain walls or windows, the film dissipates heat energy as mid-infrared thermal radiation into space, effectively lowering indoor temperatures and decreasing energy consumption required for air conditioning, without the need for additional energy or refrigerants.
99.90 %
UV Shielding Rate
88.00 %
Infrared Shielding Rate
80.00 %
Visible Light Transmittance
*The Effect of the Non-electric Refrigeration Coating per Square Meter
Electrostatic self-adhesive, adhere to use
The electrostatic silicone construction of iFilm allows it to automatically cover the glass surface, as easy and convenient as a mobile phone film. The adhesion is strong and does not dissolve in the presence of sunlight..
Clean the surface of the glass.
Get a spray bottle of dishwashing liquid water.
Spray water on the glass and try to cover the whole piece of glass.
Spread the film evenly, stick the edge of the film with tape, tear out the protective paper, and spray water into the film while tearing
Uniformly paste the film and use the scraper to squeeze out all the water and bubbles inside at a constant speed.
Long-lasting, non-blocking, and effective
iFilm is suitable for glass curtain wall, glass window and other glass materials. Its light transmittance reaches 18-80%, which won't affect indoor lighting and viewing needs while heat insulation and refrigeration.

Glass Curtain Wall

iFilm using effect

99.9 %
88.00 %
80 %
Visible light transmittance
Functional structure of iFilm


The technology fulfils all the requirements of RoHS tests and the REACH test, meeting the EU standards.
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