"Homecoming Reunion, Embarking on a New Journey" - Celebrating the 26th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to the Motherland, Hometown Bazaar Carnival Held in Hong Kong

i2Cool Limited

To celebrate the 26th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland and showcase the characteristics of local hometown associations to Hong Kong citizens, the Federation and Hong Kong Guangdong Association, Hong Kong Fujian Association, Hong Kong Guangxi Association, Hong Kong Hainan Association, Hong Kong Zhejiang Province Compatriots Association, and 26 other provincial-level hometown associations will jointly organize the "Homecoming Reunion, Embarking on a New Journey" Hometown Bazaar Carnival from June 3rd to 5th. 


The bazaar event will feature over 200 stalls, bringing together hometown specialties, local snacks, ethnic handicrafts, traditional costumes, and parent-child entertainment from all 26 provinces of Mainland China. Additionally, there will be 10 exciting performances, including singing and dancing, Chinese and Western orchestras, fashion shows, dramas, and martial arts, allowing people to appreciate the charm of different regional cultures in China.



Since Hong Kong's return to the motherland in 1997, as a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong has made tremendous development and progress in areas such as the economy, culture, and society. This significant moment represents the unity and collaboration between the people of Hong Kong and the motherland, as well as a milestone in Hong Kong's continuous journey towards prosperity and happiness since its return.

As a technology company incubated and grown in Hong Kong, i2Cool Technology has always upheld the principles of innovation, collaboration, and development, contributing to Hong Kong's entrepreneurial ecosystem. i2Cool Technology firmly believes that technological innovation is the key driver of Hong Kong's sustained development and has been instrumental in the remarkable achievements since Hong Kong's return to the motherland.



During this event, Dr. Wilson Chu, the founder of i2Cool Technology, stated, "As a company incubated in Hong Kong, we have a deep love for this land. Over the past 26 years since Hong Kong's return, we have witnessed the development and prosperity of Hong Kong firsthand. We are honored to celebrate this significant moment with the guests and share our experiences and visions. We firmly believe that Hong Kong will continue to leverage its unique advantages as an important hub for international exchanges and play a crucial role in areas such as technological innovation, financial services, education and training, and cultural exchanges."


This celebration event will provide participants with a rare opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with the i2Cool Technology team, discussing the future development prospects of Hong Kong. The event will also foster collaboration across different industries and promote the vibrant growth of innovation and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.