Electricity-Free Cooling Supports Y FARM Healthy Elderly Farm in Heat Prevention and Cooling


As summer approaches, temperatures in Hong Kong are gradually rising. Recently, i2Cool has once again embarked on a social initiative, providing the Hong Kong Christian Young Women's Association (YWCA) Healthy Elderly Farm with their energy-saving technology product, the "Electricity-Free Cooling Coating." This initiative aims to help improve the working environment for the elderly at the farm, combating the heat and making a positive contribution to the development of a low-carbon city.


Electricity-free cooling aids urban farm in energy-saving and cooling efforts

The words of the poet Tao Yuanming, "Long trapped in cages, one can return to nature," capture the longing in the hearts of countless urban dwellers for the true essence of nature. The YWCA Healthy Elderly Farm in Hong Kong serves as an oasis within the bustling city. Nestled at the foot of the picturesque mountains in the Danzhukeng area of Fanling, the farm boasts rows of eggplants and vegetables, a small pond with meticulously planted rice, and a delicate lotus pond, radiating the charm of the countryside and the scent of the earth.

It is the only pure non-profit organic farm in Hong Kong dedicated to serving the elderly. All activities and facilities are designed for the elderly, allowing the elderly in the city to connect with the land and nature, experience the joy of sowing and harvesting, and realize their self-worth.


For the farm, summer is the most challenging season. 

The container office at the farm serves as a place for elderly volunteers to rest, environmental education exhibitions promoting a healthy lifestyle, and receiving visitors from outside. However, the intense summer sunlight and the heat-conductive materials often cause heat to accumulate inside the office, resulting in soaring temperatures. This poses a significant challenge to the normal operations of the farm.

Upon learning of this issue, i2Cool immediately decided to sponsor their electricity-free cooling coating product, Ipant Max, free of charge, to solve this summer challenge for the farm.

As a technology company committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for a green and low-carbon society, the i2Cool Technology team has discovered an environmentally friendly and energy-saving technology called electricity-free cooling by studying ants in the Sahara Desert. This technology can reflect up to 95% of sunlight and radiation while effectively radiating heat in the mid-infrared range. It achieves excellent cooling effects without the need for energy or refrigerants, providing a more environmentally friendly cooling solution for the general public and creating a cooler working and living environment. It also reduces energy consumption and minimizes the environmental impact of traditional cooling systems.

In multiple real-world tests, electricity-free cooling technology has demonstrated excellent cooling performance. According to experimental data, applying electricity-free cooling technology to building surfaces can reduce surface temperatures by up to 40°C and indoor temperatures by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius. It is estimated that it can save at least 40% of air conditioning electricity consumption.

Based on these characteristics, i2Cool has successfully developed electricity-free cooling coatings, radiation cooling films, electricity-free cooling tiles, and other commercially viable products. These products cater to a wider range of applications, providing users with diversified environmentally friendly cooling options.

I2Cool has always adhered to the development direction of "green, energy-saving, carbon-zero upgrading, and innovative development towards carbon neutrality." They actively promote product participation in social welfare projects, providing green and sustainable solutions to improve people's livelihood issues. Last year, i2Cool conducted a community welfare campaign in Hong Kong's Shenzhen, bringing a cooler living experience to residents living on the top floors of urban buildings and effectively reducing their summer electricity bills.

The sponsorship of the Elderly Health Farm by the Hong Kong Christian Youth Church represents Creative Cooling Technology's commitment to using practical actions to demonstrate the true essence of technology improving lives. We look forward to providing sustainable energy-saving solutions for more urban residents, continuously improving people's living conditions and protecting the environment through innovative energy-saving technologies. We also hope that more social forces will join us in jointly creating a "carbon-neutral" green city.