i2Cool Public Welfare | Community action: i2Cool cools residential rooftop with electricity-free cooling technology



Special programme "Green Answer Sheet" detailed China's environmental protection accomplishments

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The pace of ecological civilisation development has accelerated

The green answer sheet for China is beginning to take shape

To fulfil the challenging objectives of carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality

i2Cool Ltd. takes the initiative and plays an active role

Practice the concept of green, low-carbon sustainable development with public welfare actions

A variety of community welfare initiatives were initiated by i2Cool last year

The company’s energy-saving technical items are available free of charge to Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong, residents


Help them find a solution to the summertime heat and excessive electricity costs

In addition to greatly improving people's living conditions and lowering their living expenses

It also makes a positive contribution to the construction of a low carbon city

i2Cool is a technology start-up offering innovative and sustainable solutions to a green, low-carbon society. It was co-founded by Dr. Martin ZHU, his supervisor Dr. Edwin Chi-Yan TSO from the School of Energy and Environment, CityU, and a group of young scientists. According to its in-house developed electricity-free cooling technologies (i.e., passive radiative cooling technology), the company created [iPaint].It can effectively radiate heat into space in the mid-infrared (95% radiation) by reflecting up to 95% of sunlight and radiation. It is anticipated to save thousands of dollars each summer on electricity bills and provide a cooler living environment for people living on the top floors of urban high rises. Based on this feature, i2Cool actively promotes its products to participate in social welfare projects, giving eco-friendly and long-lasting solutions to livelihood issues.  

The heat of the summer is intolerable for people like Ms. TAN, who live on the top floors of high buildings. The intense sunlight, coupled with the small, poorly ventilated space, allows the house to gather, with temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius. Ms. TAN said, “The walls and windows are so hot that I don’t want or dare to touch them. I can’t stay in the house without air conditioning. The associated electrical bill is a major hassle despite the air conditioning's ability to maintain a comfortable temperature.”


Like Ms. TAN, many residents of the top level are concerned about the summer heat and the expensive electricity bills every year. Aware of this issue and its impact on livelihoods, i2Cool decided to take action instead of remaining at the slogan appeal stage, allowing the product to actually make lives better. By participating in the Sham Shui Po community action,i2Cool provided Ms. Tan with free iPaint for her roof, resolving her summertime problem and keeping her living environment cool.


iPaint has a 5 to 10 years lifespan and has undergone VOC testing to ensure user safety.


According to Dr. ZHU, using iPaint can lower indoor temperatures by five to six degrees in buildings made of asbestos or other insulating materials. This reduces the demand for air conditioning, provides cooling, and lowers electricity costs.According to Dr. ZHU, using iPaint can lower indoor temperatures by five to six degrees in buildings made of asbestos or other insulating materials. This reduces the demand for air conditioning, provides cooling, and lowers electricity costs.


The community welfare solution from i2Cool makes a living on the upper floors of urban buildings more comfortable. More than any advertising, the actual savings in electricity prices serve as a benchmark for future expansion into other communities.

The community welfare initiative of i2Cool incorporates passive cooling technology into the daily lives of rooftop residents. The public instinctively appreciates and accepts i2Cool's practical solution because it reduces the burden of summer electricity bills. The community welfare programme at i2Cool exemplifies the genuine purpose of using technology to improve lives through modest actions. It is also a positive step to promote green sustainability in society.


i2Cool is pleased to be at the forefront of this effort, offering more urban inhabitants'sustainable energy-saving solutions, continually enhancing the lives of individuals, and safeguarding the environment with cutting-edge energy-saving technologies. The objective of i2Cool is to develop eco-friendly and energy efficient Zero Carbon products to achieve dual carbon innovation development. We will maintain the leading technology in the sector and advance the carbon peak and carbon neutrality objective through ongoing autonomous technological innovation.